Sam & the Yeti


Sam has been waiting for twelve years, but no magical owls have flown through his window and he hasn’t developed super powers.

Instead, the school computer has told him that he is destined to work in the local supermarket for the rest of time. To make matters worse, his very normal parents are dragging him to the Highlands of Scotland to visit his ferocious turnip loving Gran. But, Sam soon discovers that Gran’s neighbours are far from NORMAL. Can Sam change his fate and save them and the whole world from an evil genius?


[Sam] watched while his Mum tried to sauté a deadly, but delicious, Walronian wombat in a pan, while his Dad was sharpening his Ogre-slaying axe. His little sister Amy, was casting spells and changing herself into various different princesses. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Leia, Belle, Ozma and Snow White.

Sam blinked.

In actual fact, his Mum was making some grey porridge and his Dad was slurping bland builder’s tea. Amy was really dressed as a giant green pea, but that was quite normal for Amy. At four years old she hadn’t uttered a single word – only animal noises and grunts. Instead, she communicated through the medium of fancy dress.

Why was he even bothering to go through the motions of morning breakfast? His dreams of becoming a Wizard, Troll Hunter or the ‘Chosen-One’ were over. His life was over. He was doomed to live in Norpington, with its normal houses, a normal park with three battered swings, its normal school and its unbearably normal residents, who drove normal cars and did normal things like vacuuming and watching telly.” 

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