Come to School Too – Blue Kangaroo – Mummy and Toddler Review


Come to School Too – Blue Kangaroo.
Emma Chichester Clark

Miss Beany started Nursery School for the first time a few weeks ago. Just a couple of mornings a week – but it was still the longest she had been away from me with strangers. I felt woefully under-prepared as we walked into the cloakroom to see all the other children’s nicely labelled coats and toddler rucksacks. Poor Miss Beany had her mummy’s old tatty black urban rucksack and a hoodie and a packet of mushed crisps I had found wedged under her car seat. The first day she ran off without saying goodbye – so I though – yay, great. She loves it. Oh dear, the next day she realised what was happening and burst into floods of tears.  The next week various soft toys made the journey to nursery school as well, until “Blue” the stuffed – I want to say hamster but it could be a guinea pig or donkey – was left behind!!!

Well, all I can say is thank goodness for “Come to School too, Blue Kangaroo”.

The Summary

  • Why? Because this book is all about a little girl, Lily, who is worried about starting school for the first time. Her Blue Kangaroo, however, is super-excited to try new things, learn and meet new people.

The Nuts and Bolts?

  • Blue Kangaroo gets left behind at the school, but ends up having a wonderful time playing on his own in the dark school.

Mummy’s Favourite Bits?

  • Blue Kangaroo really shows Lily why school is so much fun. So while Lily is nervous and anxious, Kangaroo is there with upbeat enthusiasm, pulling her along.
  • I love books with lots of detailed pictures. I find it helps build vocabulary and teach children about different environments. The classroom illustrations are full of lovely detail on the walls.

Miss Beany’s Favourite Bits?

  • Blue Kangaroo curling up on the cushions to read his own story. Miss Beany loves reading to herself – even though she is making up the words.

Not So Favourite Bits?

  • For me, there are too many auntie’s involved. I feel the mummy should have more involvement in this special time in a child’s life. That’s probably my nuclear family upbringing coming out in me.

Learning Outcomes?

  • This is great for explaining how to overcome anxiety. Finding positive things to focus on – like making friends, playing new games, learning new skills.

The Mummy Score?

  • 9/10 – I sometimes struggle to hold her attention right to the very end of this book, but I think that is just her age.

The Toddler Score?

  • 10/10 – Knowing that Blue the hamster-pig-thingy was having a wonderful time at nursery while we were at home, definitely got though the bedtime routine. Thank goodness Sheepy stepped up as a last-minute replacement. Otherwise that would have been one rough night!


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